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Richie Hawtin Interview at Red Bull Music Academy

If you’ve got a spare hour and a half, or maybe it’s not spare but you want to use it anyway, you can’t really go wrong with this recent interview (or “lecture”, sorry) with techno pioneer Richie Hawtin at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York. Talking to some guy whom I cannot name […]

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BNJMN Dummy Mix

Lovely mix from Rush Hour‘s BNJMN courtesy of Dummy. Perfect for a lazy Sunday and beyond. It’s so good that I lost concentration while spooning sugar onto my rice crispies and I’m only just coming down. The Coulton track is madness. Listen below and check Dummy’s page for a bonus interview.

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10 Alternative Christmas Songs

December is upon us and soon we shall be force-fed Mariah Carey, Wham! and that Band Aid thing which, at first, will be perfectly tolerable but will eventually become about as entertaining as watching the educational tv that comes on at four in the morning while being repeatedly kicked in the back of the head […]

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Socket Science – Elegant Decay Mix

Me and Oldsy have been discussing the possibility of an exclusive Box Musique mix series since the beginning of time. Seriously, we sat there on the council with Zerb, Vultar and the Great Creator and theorised spicing up the annual Gods meet with a bit of funky music, but just never got round to it. […]

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Koss / Minilogue – The Möllan Sessions

This is not the next Minilogue album. But it’s still good news. You could even say it is… music to my ears. Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson of Minilogue fame invited Koss to jam with them in Sweden and this forthcoming LP is the result. Apparently it runs for 2.5 hours and one track is […]

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Headhunter – Lost Prophet/Chasing Dragons (IDLE004)

Definitely UK Funky. Definitely some serious Techno thrown in for good measure. IDLE004 is out right now on ‘experimental electronic dance’ label Idle Hands. In all honesty I still don’t know what to make of ‘Lost Prophet’; it’s just a bit textbook spacey electronics to my disintegrating ears. On the flip however, ‘Chasing Dragons’ is […]

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