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Disclosure – Tenderly (Kidnap Kid Remix)

A remix of Disclosure’s ‘Tenderly’ from Northern vibe-machine Kidnap Kid, this sounds like it was conceived in an optimistic vacuum. Bouncier than Mr. Blobby’s testicles covered in Flubber, it has a smooth, tropical vibe that will leave you yearning for a cocktail-filled pineapple (unless you have a heart of stone). I’m pretty convinced that if […]

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Portico Quartet New Track

The music speaks for itself. I’m lost for words. My tea’s gone cold. If you don’t watch/enjoy this video here then you hate music and therefore life. Self-titled album out in January, new track ‘Ruins’ available as a free download and the band are playing for free in Sheffield this Saturday. Could you ask for […]

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Cool Beans, DJ Woody and Monkeys

Never gentlemen to slink in through the back door, the Cool Beans crew — although they’re more of a rabble — are once again bursting in through the skylight like incompetent Hollywood jewel thieves with another line-up of epic proportions. Hitting Sheffield Uni’s Union on 11/11/11 like some kind of musical suicide cult, DJ Woody […]

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Soup Kitchen – Breach, Ben UFO, Blawan

The last Soup Kitchen was bigger than your strange Uncle’s ego after a successful 6-week stint on Countdown which, if you’re wondering, is actually a pretty decent achievement. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get out of the house and away from his endless “Susie Dent said” stories and patchy beard on May 20 as the […]

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Shaun Bloodworth – Underground

In all fairness the title of this post probably lead you to believe that I was going to be talking straight music. So when it turns out that Shaun Bloodworth is actually a photographer and ‘Underground’ is an exhibition of his work if you are indeed slightly taken aback I apologise. Got to keep you […]

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Rodney P, Skitz and Tuesday Nights

Decent hip-hop is an increasingly rare occurrence at The Tuesday Club these days, so it’s sick to see that tomorrow, UK underground legend Rodney P and the equally revered DJ Skitz are gracing us with their hallowed presence. The pair most notably worked together on Skitz’s 2001 debut album Countryman, an indisputable masterpiece which displays […]

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