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Context – Drowning EP (Kid Smpl Remix)

Appearing on Context’s forthcoming Drowning EP, Seattle-based Kid Smpl’s remix of the title track is a chilled out yet profound experience. Heavily reverbed aspects of the original merge with vaporous atmospherics and sparing percussion, conveying the spacious and euphoric inclinations that so often characterise his music. As much as I like the original, the decision […]

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Synkro – Broken Promise EP

Marking the April relaunch of R&S sub-label Apollo Records, an imprint famed for releasing the likes of Aphex Twin, DJ Krush and Cabaret Voltaire, is Synkro’s Broken Promise EP. In his characteristically profound style, the four-track EP comprises atmospheric soundscapes populated with sparse percussion, elysian synths and deep bass. It’s the best thing I’ve heard […]

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Airhead – Wait

Out now on R&S, Wait is the first thing I’ve heard from Airhead since 2010 when he released ‘Paper Street’ and, perhaps more notably, collaborated with James Blake on ‘Pembroke’ and ‘Lock in the Lion’. He did actually recently remix Shlomo’s ‘Rained the Whole Time’ for the Vacation EP, but I was too enamoured with […]

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Atlas – Lights (feat. Emily Harris)

Having just spent five hours on public transport and the rest of the day battling the London hate machine, the tranquil vibes of ‘Lights’ from Midlands two — possibly-soon-to-be-three — piece Atlas have calmed me right down. Treading a delicate line between melancholy and optimism, delayed details of guitar combine with twinkling elements of synth […]

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James Blake – Love What Happened Here

Vaguely announced on Facebook last week by R&S, details of James Blake’s forthcoming EP were finally released today. Crowds of adoring fans gathered outside the courtroom to hear the details…hold on, that’s actually the Michael Jackson fans at the doctor thing, and there was only 20 there, so not really a crowd… Let me start […]

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Ifan Dafydd – Miranda

Ifan Dafydd, if you can’t tell by his name, is Welsh. He is also an amazing producer and his track ‘Miranda’ was praised heavily and frequently (I’m exaggerating slightly) by Gilles Peterson, who seems to love everything Push & Run put out. Anyway, it’s now available for free download, so if you want it, you […]

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