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Dreams – Bloodsport

Part of his recent Flyte EP, which dropped on 6 Bit in March, ‘Bloodsport’ is an energetic yet darkly inflected track from LA producer Dreams. A stylish reimagining of the ’80s, it progresses with beautiful depth and adds an emotive element to all the neon clothes, extravagant haircuts and polished fitness videos that the decade […]

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Atlas – Lights (feat. Emily Harris)

Having just spent five hours on public transport and the rest of the day battling the London hate machine, the tranquil vibes of ‘Lights’ from Midlands two — possibly-soon-to-be-three — piece Atlas have calmed me right down. Treading a delicate line between melancholy and optimism, delayed details of guitar combine with twinkling elements of synth […]

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Atlas – This Is (feat. Emmo)

If your friend with the funny fringe says he’s heard this before, he’s probably lying. Straight out of the place I call home via Notts and Leeds, Atlas are a new production duo with a talent for deep vibes. ‘This Is’ featuring Emmo comprises intricate percussion, immersive bass and silky vocals which drop into mellifluously […]

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Tropics – Mouves (Pedestrian Remix)

Way back in October 2011 (so, like, forever ago) I described Pedestrian’s musical temperament as “wondrously delicate yet lush”, a statement which could be partially applied to this remix of ‘Mouves’ from Tropics’ recent album Parodia Flare. By partially applied, I mean that while it’s certainly not as delicate as Hei Poa, it is still […]

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Qualmsound – Water (Blynk Remix)

So it’s Wednesday night, time for some speedcore and a prolonged session of rough German sex, right? Well, not quite. Maybe this will fit the mood a little better. Deep, tranquil and underpinned by a simple yet methodically pulsing bassline, this Blynk remix of Qualmsound’s ‘Water’ is an artfully laid-back affair which would perfectly soundtrack […]

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The Story of The Streets

Even though the last ever tune from The Streets was the conclusively titled ‘Close the Book’ — in response to the opening of Original Pirate Material which was ‘Turn the Page’ — indicating that the last page of that particular saga had been turned, it has now come to light that an actual book, written […]

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