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Kahn Sonic Router Mix

The last day of February saw Kahn’s first release on Punch Drunk and, characteristically for the seminal Bristol label, it was breathtaking. I reckon it might have even been better than one of the latest acts on Britain’s Got Talent and they’re like pretty good aren’t they? I thought the woman singing opera with her […]

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Mix Monday: Sicknote Vol. 7

It’s still as cold as a Nazi’s heart here at the moment, so there’s really nothing else for me to do except sit inside, cover myself in wool and goose fat and pound out…uh…massive tunes. I’m sure HxDB will be excited at the prospect of me in this state hypnotically swaying to his recently unleashed […]

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Mix Monday: Crissy Criss 60 Tracks

This Monday’s mix is vast. Instead of 1Xtra’s usual 60 tracks in 60 minutes, last week Crissy Criss conspired to cram in the same amount of tunes in just half the time. The finished product feels a little furious, but it’s massive nonetheless. Unsurprisingly, it comprises a huge list of tunes from a host of […]

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Mix Monday: Splinter Yin Mix

It may technically be Tuesday, but I’ve still not crawled into my sack for the night, so I’m going to publish this in the past and pretend I wrote it before midnight. Anyway, this week’s slice of musical mingling comes courtesy of Splinter and it’s all about that electro ruffage. Crookers, Boys Noize, Rivastarr, Jack […]

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Mix Monday: Solitude Ambient Dubstep Mix

Dubstep isn’t all banging on pots and waking up the neighbours, there is some serious ambient stuff out there at the moment. Phaeleh, Kryptic Minds and Synkro are murdering the atmospherics right now and thankfully, Solitude has included them in Vol. 4 of his ambient mixes. Swirling and blended seamlessly together, this one drips into […]

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Mix Monday: Redlight Bad Boy Crab Meat Mix

If Clipz is Bruce Wayne then Redlight is Batman aka they’re exactly the same person. Redlight is what Clipz calls himself when he isn’t making drum & bass, and to be honest, I prefer him this way. Dubstep and carnival club bangers make up just a portion of his alter ego’s repertoire and most of […]

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