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xxxy – I Know This (Can’t Be Love)

Taken from his forthcoming Everything EP, which drops on April 16th courtesy of Well Rounded, ‘I Know This (Can’t Be Love)’ is the latest offering from Manchester’s xxxy. Surfacing on Soundcloud earlier today, it was accompanied by a video featuring a bouquet of slowly wilting roses which eventually explode into flames. I know roses are […]

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Anna Love – Ghost Champagne

Forthcoming on Texas based Freshmore, Anna Love’s Ghost Champagne is as beautiful as the name suggests. The Austin producer’s debut release, the EP comprises two originals tunes, ‘NGAT’ and ‘Skip a Beat’, and four remixes from Sines, Cosmic Revenge, Tom Richman and NDFD.

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Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out Words Gone (Dark Sky Remix)

We love a bit of Dark Sky here at BM HQ. We also love HP, TNT, P2P, THC and S&M. Some say we’re one of the biggest proponents of acronyms this side of the Great Firewall of China. Do they even have acronyms in China? The cat’s already out of the bag in terms of […]

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Jack Dixon – Knowledge EP (SUKI006)

Forthcoming on Losing Suki and exclusively a digital release, Jack Dixon’s Knowledge EP is a utopian melange of deep house and future garage which conjures those beautiful astral vibes so often associated with Dixon’s work. Comprising four tunes guaranteed to provoke even the grumpiest gruffalo to snap his fingers jazz style, I gush about good […]

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The XX – Night Time (Synkro Remix)

Uploaded to his Soundcloud account earlier today, this Synkro remix of The XX’s ‘Night Time’ is an incredible specimen of beautifully nocturnal garage vibes. Deeper than James Earl Jones’ voice, it conjures images of fluorescent light trails and rain prismatically glistening under city illuminations. But that’s just me. For you it may evoke laughing clowns […]

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xxxy Triangle Mix

In order to attract the bass music masses to their Facebook page — which includes you mr/mrs/master/ms/miss reader — London night Triangle is offering up a download of an hour long mix from Manchester’s xxxy. There’s no tracklist provided so you’ll have to head into the affair blind, armed only with my assurance that it’s […]

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