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Generation Bass

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on Monday, Generation Bass explores the evolution of UK bass music from the roots of dubstep to some of the more genre-defying efforts of recent years. With interviews from Skream, Benga, Hatcha, Mosca, Disclosure and a fair few others, there’s a decent amount of enlightening opinion and snippets of history […]

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Benga – I Will Never Change

Filmed over seven days using 960 pieces of custom cut vinyl, the video for Benga’s ‘I Will Never Change’ depicts a beautifully realised waveform. Created by design and direction agency Us, which consists of Luke Taylor and Christopher Barrett, the finished product is like a more interesting version of the Soundcloud player. Yeah, even the […]

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Wayfarer – Fall of the Zulu

Tracks rarely live up to their overdramatic titles, but this is one that manages to deliver on its grandiose billing. ‘Fall of the Zulu’, from Scotland-based producer Wayfarer, is an unapologetic assault of African percussion laced with the occasional atmospheric inclination. More in your face than a drunken 14-year-old on the rough side of town […]

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Guido – Afrika

It’s been a while since I immersed myself in the idiosyncratic pleasures of Guido. Even though he launched his new label, State of Joy, at the start of the year, his inaugural single kind of passed me by and I didn’t really get involved. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice though and […]

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Desto – No Sleep EP (RWINA017)

Slated for a late February/Early March release, No Sleep EP is the latest offering from Finland’s mercurial dubstep export Desto. I listen to so much future garage, post-dubstep and [insert other strangely coined genre here] these days, that I rarely seem to indulge in some good old chest-boxing dubstep, and this is exactly what Desto […]

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Joker & Rustie – Light Years Popsicle

‘Light Years Popsicle’ is a fitting title for a collaboration between Joker and Rustie, two producers whose musical personalities would perfectly assimilate into the retrofitted future of Blade Runner and/or other similar sci-fi scenarios. If Chris Tucker was here dressed as Ruby Rhod, he’d catapult this tune into the stratosphere. Or beyond into, you know, […]

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