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New Burial Single (HDB069)

Don’t lose your shit like a teenage Beatles fan, but a new single from Burial is due to be released on December 17. Unveiled as part of a Boomkat newsletter yesterday, the release will comprise two tunes — currently just referred to as ‘One’ and ‘Two’ — and will run around 25 minutes. In terms […]

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Burial & Four Tet – Nova

Hot on the heels of his recent Kindred EP, ‘Nova’ is the first track off Burial’s second collaborative single with Four Tet. Forthcoming on Text, the release date is currently yet to be confirmed, but we do know the ultra-exciting news that it has been assigned the catalogue number TEXT013. Wow. I was tempted to […]

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Kindred EP Vinyl Release Date

I’m sure you, like me, have been drooling over Burial’s Kindred EP for the last week or so like an old dog who no longer gives a fuck. Well, this is just a quick post to let you all know that the release date of the vinyl version has now been announced as March 12th. […]

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Burial – Kindred EP (HDB059)

While half the world is out there doing important stuff like having a job, raising children or helping the homeless — big deal, right? — the rest of us are waiting in huddled groups for a new Burial release. Well, the time to rejoice is now because news surfaced earlier this week via Kode9 on […]

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Massive Attack & Burial – Four Walls & Paradise Circus

Full details were released today regarding the much anticipated collaboration between Massive Attack and Burial and the internet has received the news more giddily than a fat kid on ice skates chasing a pukka pie. The two-track single features a reworking of ‘Paradise Circus’ from 2010′s Heligoland and a lavish revision of a previously unheard […]

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Burial – Street Halo (HDB013)

The recent Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet collaboration didn’t quite go down as well as expected and rather than bask in a wave of praise, it languished in an uncertain pool of hmmm. Thankfully, Monday sees the release of the first Burial solo material in four years and having been partially played on Benji […]

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