Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille – DRM

Crosson & Merveille

Finding a decent contemporary ‘house’ album could be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, Visionquest are a pretty big flippin’ needle. Thinking up a joke to link needles with DJing is beyond me right now however. The label provide the goods with DRM; which isn’t really house anyway, what with all the nods to jazz, minimal tech and world music dictating play. It’s better to lean back, admit you don’t know what’s going on and tell your significant other to put the kettle on. Just because my significant other is a Furby with an insistence on over doing it with the milk, believe me when I say “Again & Again” is a right eclectic banger. Album preview and aforementioned track in full after the jump.

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