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Nature Rage

To give credit where credit is due, I discovered Washington producer Nature Rage via DFRNT’s ever impressive Insight podcast, a monthly affair which showcases talent so underground and fresh it’s the musical equivalent of a baby mole (I believe the technical term is ‘pup’). On his twitter account Monsieur Rage states that he makes “DEEP electronic music with lots of BASS” and it would seem that he’s pretty good at it too. This particular tune, entitled ‘Games’, sounds like someone’s pressed fast forward on a futuristic dream sequence and whisked us away to a deep valley of electronica where all chill-out music is now 170BPM. Even with the seemingly rapid pace, it is only really evident with the occasional flourish of an old break and the track manages to maintain a strange calm, never tipping over the edge into frenetic territory.

I know it’s Saturday night and you’re probably already kitted out in neon attire, listening to Darude and drinking some dangerously cheap vodka, but come the hungover sunset of Sunday morning you should take a second (or, to be more precise, 6 minutes and 12 seconds) and appreciate this. Yep. Now where’s my yellow string vest?

Nature Rage – Games by Nature Rage

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