DJ Pinch – Swish (Distance Remix)

The whole dubstep filth phenomenon is something I’ve become less enthusiastic about in recent times. Although I am still partial to a booming sub, I’m not particularly in love with the robotic vomit gushing from bass cannons and other similar conceptual contraptions such as the mind of Skrillex (he’s not real, is he?). Where I once would have rejoiced at a wugga wugga drop and tried to come up with a witty description along the lines of “dirtier than a dead dog in a dustbin”, I now tend to just put on some garage and shuffle around like an old man trying to find a handkerchief.

This tune, however, is an example of heavy dubstep at its finest. A brutal remix of Pinch’s ‘Swish’, Distance is a genius and this will punch you in the stomach like an angry dwarf. A very angry dwarf. At the moment, there’s no details regarding its release and this short clip is all we’ve got, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is huge.

Pinch – Swish (Distance Remix)

Distance actually requested no-one rip this and re-upload it elsewhere but people invariably did so I included both the original video and a version I uploaded to Soundcloud. You know, just in the interest of choice.

Buy Distance tunes at Juno.

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