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Benga – I Will Never Change

Filmed over seven days using 960 pieces of custom cut vinyl, the video for Benga’s ‘I Will Never Change’ depicts a beautifully realised waveform. Created by design and direction agency Us, which consists of Luke Taylor and Christopher Barrett, the finished product is like a more interesting version of the Soundcloud player. Yeah, even the new HTML5 one.

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Cruger’s Zinger Tower

Don’t Flop’s Cruger spitting a zinger tower verse for a free meal at KFC. I’ve got to write one of these for the dough balls at Pizza Express…

Dumbfoundead – Cool and Calm


Here’s a new(ish) video for ‘Cool and Calm’ from Dumbfoundead’s recent album DFD. Cathartic and unconcerned with the stresses of everyday life, it’s hip-hop how I like it. Plus, there’s attractive women in the video. OH YEAH! I’m off to eat tuna and bench press some heavy stuff. Probably, like, stuff you could never even think about lifting. All sorts of crap…*cough*…where’s my inhaler?

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Kidnap Kid – Alphaville EP

Kidnap Kid - Alphaville EP

Out now on Black Butter records, Alphaville EP is the latest offering from one of my favourite producers of the moment, Kidnap Kid. Comprising three tunes: ‘Vehl’, ‘Lazarus Taxon’ and ‘Be More’, it lies somewhere between house, 2-step and extraterrestrial melodica, filling my ears with sumptuous imagination fuel. Also, having accidentally just watched a program on Sky Living for 10 minutes, the EP’s power to uplift may have just saved me from committing suicide. There was a walrus of a woman critiquing someone’s wedding…and…the hypocrisy…I just don’t want to talk about it.

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Don’t Flop: The 10 Best Battlers

Don't Flop

In light of the recent Don’t Flop title match in which O’Shea prevailed as the league’s first ever champion, I decided it was time to compile a list of who I believe to be the best rappers in DF and give an opinion on who should be next up for a title shot. There’s been no word as to how often the championship will be contested, but I’m hoping we see a match-up at least every six months, with it working in a similar way to the King of the Dot crown in Canada. With that in mind, we could see maybe one or two more clashes this year and with the league’s ever-growing roster of talent, there’s more possibilities for title contenders with every passing event.

Below are 10 battlers who I believe deserve or have the talent to warrant a legitimate title shot, either now or at some point in the future. I’ve excluded Sensa and O’Shea from the list because their quality has already been recognised and obviously, it goes without saying that O’Shea will be in the next title battle and Sensa won’t be eligible (at least for a while).

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Outlook Festival 2012 Line-Up

Outlook Festival 2012

Personally, I am yet to attend Outlook festival. Last year, my tuxedo wasn’t ready in time and I simply couldn’t turn up in the same one I’d worn to the summer ball. My darling Miffy would have been too embarrassed to even look at me and I daren’t imagine what her father would have said…

Anyway, announced today, the line-up for this year’s Outlook festival is bigger than the ego of the guy who invented bacon. Featuring Fat Freddy’s Drop, Phife from Tribe, Scuba, DMZ, The Bug and a hell of a lot more, I would be able to feel my money getting ready for lift-off if I had any.

Of the vast and illustrious catalogue on offer, some personal favourites are Fantastic Mr Fox, Phaeleh, xxxy, Dark Sky, Mosca and Kuedo…but picking favourites out of a line-up like this is like Scrooge McDuck selecting his favourite gold coins from that huge fucking pile he’s always diving about in (with no trousers on, I must add).

Below is a video documenting the highs of Outlook 2011 and the entire line-up announced today lies after the jump. The official website isn’t up yet but you can head over to the Outlook Tumblr for updates.

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