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Dawn Safari – You Don’t Know

Dawn Safari

Despite the rather romantic name — it’s pretty similar to being called Morning Stroll or Twilight Drive — Dawn Safari actually makes some pretty good beats. “You Don’t Know” is a prime example of this, laying down an idiosyncratic wave of percussion, slightly wonky lead synths and off-kilter vocal samples. Combined it offers a pleasing listen, kind of like what you’d hear on a morning saunter round your favourite lake…if that lake had a resident DJ that liked playing decent tunes at such an early hour (and was allowed because, you know, restrictions put in place by the council etc. It’s a complicated business).

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Joe – Rut

Joe - Rut

Ever the creative chap ‘Rut’ is the latest offering from Joe, the producer who brought us the paradoxically relentless yet addictive ‘Claptrap’. Sparse yet ultimately fulfilling, sparing chord hits punctuate a flowing percussive rhythm like expertly placed raisins in a particularly delicious muesli.

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Rhye – Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Mix)

Rhye - Open

I just wanted to post to alert you all to the fact that I’m still alive and well, roaming around the streets of Manchester with no sense of direction and spending an ungodly amount on craft beer and pulled pork sandwiches (no, I haven’t grown a moustache, fuck you). I also wanted to draw your attention to the Jeff Samuel faded mix of Rhye’s ‘Open’ because it’s almost as good as a hangover cup of tea.

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Back to the Future


After three weeks of living like a 75-year-old man who listens to the radio and drinks scotch in the dark, I finally got the internet in my new apartment. What does that mean to you? Well it means I can start posting regularly again and from my point view, it means less time pretend shooting the inner-city geese prowling the canal outside. Vicious bastards. What tune am I posting to accompany my triumphant come back? The Wideboys London mix of T2′s ‘Heartbroken’ of course. Probably not to everyone’s taste, but a bit of a banger.

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Bobby Champs – Steve Martin EP

Bobby Champs - Steve Martin EP

After two successful releases on Pictures — Moonlight and Drag QueenSteve Martin EP is Bobby Champs’ debut on Hypercolour. It actually dropped in November, but I only got around to pressing play a couple of days ago because I can be a lazy bastard. Which, dear employer who may be reading this, is a statement made purely for low-quality comedic effect.

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The xx – Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)

The XX - Coexist

Frequent collaborators John Talabot and Pional have once again come together to produce music that makes me the opposite of angry. This time it has arrived in the form of an eight and a half minute remix of The xx’s “Chained” from their recent album Coexist. Inspired by The Streets’ melancholy yet euphoric classic “Blinded by the Lights”, this is going to take you places. Not like your Uncle does in his mini-van when he has to run “errands” and drop off “foo-foo dust” to his “friends”, but like…make you feel good and use your dusty brain.

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