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Generation Bass

Generation Bass

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on Monday, Generation Bass explores the evolution of UK bass music from the roots of dubstep to some of the more genre-defying efforts of recent years. With interviews from Skream, Benga, Hatcha, Mosca, Disclosure and a fair few others, there’s a decent amount of enlightening opinion and snippets of history here that will put you in good stead if you ever go on Eggheads and have to compete with Daphne in the category “UK Bass Music”. It could happen.

Lie on your bed, grab a snack and have a listen over at the Radio 1 site.

Fantastic Mr Fox – San’en EP

Fantastic Mr Fox

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this. Seriously, almost as long as the entire world has been waiting for Detox (well..maybe not an entire generation, but you get the point). The first release from Fantastic Mr Fox since the truly astonishing Evelyn EP way back in 2010, San’en EP drops on Black Acre on June 7th. Comprising four tracks, three of which feature vocalist and label-mate Alby Daniels, this will surely be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

I know this news actually broke a few days ago, but I heard ‘Yesterday’s Fall’ and the title track on Radio 1 the other day and I’ve been listening to them on loop and drooling ever since. It was a long wait, but I can assure you he’s delivered. Expect a more in-depth analysis when the EP drops and I’ve had time to work out the delirium…

Previews and tracklist after the jump!

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Beacons Festival Additions

Julio Bashmore

Earlier this week, a host of new acts were added to the line-up for Beacons 2012, a boutique festival set to grace the picturesque scenery of the Yorkshire Dales this summer. The biggest additions came in the form of low frequency shaman Julio Bashmore, NYC folk rockers The Felice Brothers and Real Estate (who people assure me are an indie band from New Jersey and not merely an abstract concept related to the property market…hmm, we shall see). Further down the bill — although there is certainly no altitudinal degradation of quality — other acts confirmed include Oneman, Cloud Nothings, Koreless, Willis Earl Beal, Andrew Weatherall presents a Love from Outer Space, Jacuzzi Boys, Stopmakingme, Weird Dreams, Bleeding Knees Club, SoulJazz Soundsystem, Luvjam, Tall Ships & Blacklisters. Happy yet? You’d better be. I’m dancing and I’m not even there yet.

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Mirrors – Superior EP

Mirrors - Superior EP

A departure from his usual offering of house and garage vibes, yesterday saw Glasgow producer Mirrors drop a 5 track hip-hop release entitled Superior EP. Despite track names such as ‘Swag’ and ‘Mo Money’ implying Soulja Boy style vacuity, this is actually pretty melodic stuff. Lush synth, elements of tonal percussion, vocal snips and an assault of intricate hats combine to form some seriously infectious beats that make me want to get some hydraulics installed on my Astra and bounce down my local high street. Infinitely more captivating than the majority of snap tunes my delicate ears have been subjected to, it highlights Mirrors’ cross-genre skill and displays his ability to infuse any style of music with raw rhythmic talent.

Superior EP is available for free download over at the official I AM site. Listen after the jump.

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128 Beats Per Minute


128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Guide to Music, Culture and Everything In Between is a coffee table book chronicling the infamous Philly DJ’s prolific world travelling in photo form. Featuring photography from Shaun McCauley and the occasional passage of autobiographical commentary from Diplo, it’s described as “a culmination of just some of the experiences [Diplo's] had so far”. From the previews that I’ve seen, it looks like it might be a decent browse. Books like this can be dangerous for me though, I flick through and end up halfway to the airport with a bag full of shit before realising I can barely afford a bus ticket.

If anybody fancies paying for me to travel around the world, get in touch. I’ll even wear a chicken suit and take degrading photos if you want. Or a bear suit.

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xxxy – I Know This (Can’t Be Love)

Taken from his forthcoming Everything EP, which drops on April 16th courtesy of Well Rounded, ‘I Know This (Can’t Be Love)’ is the latest offering from Manchester’s xxxy. Surfacing on Soundcloud earlier today, it was accompanied by a video featuring a bouquet of slowly wilting roses which eventually explode into flames. I know roses are perfectly suited to convey the powerful metaphor of fading love and the breakdown of a relationship, but I would have just microwaved a tin of beans until it burst. Now that would have bean entertaining. Bean.

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