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The Warehouse Project 2013 Line-Ups Announced

The Warehouse Project 2013

At 9am this morning, The Warehouse Project released their full line-up of events for the 2013 season. Needless to say, it boasts a plethora of heavyweights that immediately made me consider extending my overdraft. Whether you want to bounce in speedos along to some Sven Vath, jump around to some Zinc or twerk to…well, I guess Major Lazer or Toddla T, there’s offerings to satisfy pretty much everyone here. Personally I’ve got one eye on the Resident Advisor and Circo Loco nights and by one eye, I mean both eyes. And by that, I mean I’m going. Now I just need to raise the funds. Donations are welcome.

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Who to Watch at Beacons 2012 (Part 1)

Beacons 2012

July just turned into August and Beacons festival will soon be upon us. Held in Skipton from August 17th-19th, it features a stellar line-up of some of the best electronic, folk and indie artists this spinning globe of rock and water has to offer. If you want more proof that it’s going to be a bloody good knees-up, I shall be attending and I only go to things that are the absolute tits. Apart from the time I wandered into a screening of Friends With Benefits and spewed my guts up during the stomach-churningly embarrassing flash mob scene.

Anyway, here’s a few of the acts I’m looking forward to with the the fervent excitement of a fat man waiting for the bakery to open.

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Atlas Gott…wood?


Pitting 10 acts against each other for a chance to play at Gottwood festival in Anglesey, this DJ competition has more at stake than a couple of vinyls and a pat on the back. To enter, each act submitted a mix and after being shortlisted, were left to the mercy of the Facebook public with a poll being put up to decide the winner.

At the moment it’s essentially a two horse race, with Atlas and Solus outstripping their nearest rivals by over 1000 votes and so, I’m here to nudge you in the direction of the former (Atlas…if your memory’s really that bad). If you’re one of those “free thinkers” who refuses to blindly adhere to my will, listen to ‘This Is’ and ‘Lights’ and then make a decision. Voting closes tomorrow night, so get over there and vote as soon as your arthritic fingers are limber enough.

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Outlook Festival 2012 Line-Up

Outlook Festival 2012

Personally, I am yet to attend Outlook festival. Last year, my tuxedo wasn’t ready in time and I simply couldn’t turn up in the same one I’d worn to the summer ball. My darling Miffy would have been too embarrassed to even look at me and I daren’t imagine what her father would have said…

Anyway, announced today, the line-up for this year’s Outlook festival is bigger than the ego of the guy who invented bacon. Featuring Fat Freddy’s Drop, Phife from Tribe, Scuba, DMZ, The Bug and a hell of a lot more, I would be able to feel my money getting ready for lift-off if I had any.

Of the vast and illustrious catalogue on offer, some personal favourites are Fantastic Mr Fox, Phaeleh, xxxy, Dark Sky, Mosca and Kuedo…but picking favourites out of a line-up like this is like Scrooge McDuck selecting his favourite gold coins from that huge fucking pile he’s always diving about in (with no trousers on, I must add).

Below is a video documenting the highs of Outlook 2011 and the entire line-up announced today lies after the jump. The official website isn’t up yet but you can head over to the Outlook Tumblr for updates.

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Win Triangle Tickets

People may walk past our window and scream “Scrooooge!” while shaking their fists, but we can be generous souls here at Box Musique and to prove it we’re giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Triangle in London on December 2nd. Of course, in reality, it’s the guys over at Triangle who are giving away the tickets and we are merely facilitating such generosity, so don’t give us all the credit…but do give us some.

In terms of the actual event, Hyperdub’s Ossie is headlining proceedings with his blissful brand of organically-inspired house ready to get you moving like a centipede on a trampoline or possibly even a millipede on a trampoline. Alongside him is another purveyor of chilled yet optimistic vibes in Hackman, Take Record’s James Fox and the Triangle resident 2-22′s is the final piece of the beautiful puzzle. Basically, if you’ve got a place in your heart for the deep and groovy, then this is your thing. Or maybe I should change “thing” to “ting” to sound a bit cooler…and maybe not use the word groovy, ever.

How to Enter (In Bold to Save Scanning Time)
To enter all you’ve got to do is head over to that Twitter website and tweet a link to this post with the hashtag #wintriangle included before November 30th and then I’ll sift through all [4] of the entries and pick out one at random. If you’re interested in our ‘random’ method, last time we ran a comp Oldsy wrote everyone’s name on a grape and threw a bowl at me…I caught one in my mouth and BOOM. Winner. We’ll do something similar this time, maybe with knives and a spinning wheel. Why are you still reading this? Enter the damn thing!

Triangle is at the City Arts & Music Project in London on December 2nd. Head over to the event page on Facebook for more info. Flyer after the jump.

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Cool Beans, DJ Woody and Monkeys

Never gentlemen to slink in through the back door, the Cool Beans crew — although they’re more of a rabble — are once again bursting in through the skylight like incompetent Hollywood jewel thieves with another line-up of epic proportions. Hitting Sheffield Uni’s Union on 11/11/11 like some kind of musical suicide cult, DJ Woody will be headlining proceedings with his mind-blowing ‘Turntables in Technicolor’ showcase (see video below). Alongside the man DJ Yoda calls a “demi-god” will be masters of melange Dutty Moonshine, ska/reggae 9-piece (no KFC) New Town Kings and Sheffield’s answer to funky stuffed cabbage, the Balkan Bandits. DJ support will come from duo System:attic and general entertainment will flourish from the possibility of a man dressed as a monkey doing the haka on the bar with you. Which, if you’re honest with yourself, is right up your street.

Details? 11/11/11 at the University of Sheffield’s Foundry and Fusion. Tickets are £5 advance and I would urge you to get them hand delivered, mainly because the option comes with the promise of “great chat” and I would like to see if they actually have this “great chat” or come up with some kind of Natwest inspired one-size-fits-all natter that makes you realise everyone now has a cardboard heart. I’m pretty convinced they’ll manage to deliver the former and you’ll wake up on a ferry to Tangiers, but I need to test the theory. Anyway, visit Cool Beans on Facebook for more info and look out for me, I might be there. I’ll arrive on a rhino.

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